Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fatty McFatterson

Ok so I joined WW back in December and I was all jazzed up about it at first. I mean it seemed easy enough.  All I had to do was track my points, pay the monthly membership fee for my online account and download the apps.  I was all about it for two months and then I kind of lost the time and energy needed to keep up with all that crap.  Because of this I found it ridiculous that I was paying almost $19 a month to have an app on my phone that I wasn't using. 

So today I said screw it and I cancelled it. 

Do I really need to pay for an online app to loose weight?  I mean I lost fifty pounds all by myself before.  Granted I've gained 25 of that back but still.  I did it once.  Couldn't I do it again? 

I've also joined the Y so that I can work out again.  I work out every morning before work for at least thirty minutes.  I don't see any results yet.  But it's only been two weeks.  I can however tell you that I had the free orientation to the weight machines and for the first time ever am doing the weights after my cardio workouts.  If feels good doing it too.  It releases stress and makes me feel strong.  I never realized how little upperbody strength I have and how much lower body strength I actually do have.  I can barely do 30 pounds on the arm machines but on the machines that work your lower body I can do close to 75.  On the leg press I can do 100 lbs.  

I also decided that I needed to quit obsessively weighing myself because it was just stressing me out.  Your body weight fluctuates during the week and every time a pound or two was not in my favor on the screen it was causing me anxiety and stress.  I finally got on the scale Thursday morning at the gym and was horrified to see I had gained five pounds?  WTF?  I was totally pissed when I saw this.  But someone once told me that when you start doing weights that it can make you gain weight some?  Is that true?  Who the hell knows.  Maybe that's just something some fatty mcfatterson made up to make themselves feel better. 

Anyway.  I'm trying a new technique of stress relief where I work out five days a week.  Try to watch what I eat and not stress so much about the scale.  I'm also pushing myself to try something new.  I've decided that I'd like to work my way up to doing my first 5K so I'm attempting the couch to 5K app. 

Week one I kind of did half ass because I kept forgetting to bring my iPhone with me to the gym.  The first day I did it at home on my home treadmill because I was too embarrassed to do it at the gym in case I wasn't able to hang for that long to do it.  I'm that fat person that thinks everyone is staring at them while they work out.  They probably are.  I'm probably good motivation for them to keep going in their attempt to NOT be me.

Anyway, the first week you do a five minute warm up then alternate between 1 minute of jogging/running and 1.5 minutes of walking for a interval of 30 minutes. 

The pic below is from day 1 where I actually had my iPhone and did the full 30 minutes.  But I was in the comfort at my own home so it kind of made it easier.

I'm going to try to go hard next week and really do the full week and actually bring my phone with me to the gym.  I'll report back next week on my progress. 

As of right now I'm still fat and have a gain this week of 4 pounds.  I feel that it's total BS but I am not going to let that get me down. I'm also working up the courage to go to one of those early morning classes at the gym but all the people that go to those classes are in much better shape than I am so I feel like I'll be the weird fat kid in class and keep talking myself out of going.

For those reading that work out, what keeps you motivated?  What do you do to work out?  Do you go to the gym or workout at home?  What weight loss techniques have proven to be successful for you?