Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review

It's the end of a really awesome year.  Below is a recap of my year based on the photos in my phone and my status message updates on Facebook.  It truly has been a great year and it was over very quickly!  Seems like it was just New Years Eve last week....

I turned 30!  Matt threw me a party and we went out on a night on the town.  But since I’m old that means we had a few drinks and were home by 11:30.  We closed on our first home.  I don't have hardly any photos or status updates in January so here's a special collage of me, Gracie Boo and Love Muffin.

We moved in to our first home, bought some new furniture, unpacked and settled in and I began decorating one room at a time.

I continued by couponing and deal searching on the weekends.  I'm not sure what I did this month as my Facebook status updates for March were minimal.  I know I have quite a few random pictures taken on my lunch hour at work on my iphones.  They make me laugh.  I'm a dork.

My awesome sister Ericka, our Mom, and Matt’s mom threw us a Housewarming Party, Matt turned 30 and I planned him a surprise party – he really had no clue!  We also got our Kitchenaid Mixer!  This was also the month I was featured on the WRAL Smartshopper Blog aka my 5 seconds of local fame.

This was the month I went on my business trip only accidentally left my suitcase in my driveway….aka the epic traveling failure of 2013!  My little cousin Kala graduated from high school, and Mom, Ericka and I had a girls weekend and went to see Chonda Pierce.

My awesome little brother Tyler graduated from middle school, I ate at Cosmic Cantina for the first time, I wrote inappropriate sayings on Matt’s Mom’s birthday cup from Starbucks, but it’s dry erase so no worries ha ha, we had that one random night of a power outage.

Went on a week long vacation to the beach for the first time I can ever remember.  It was a great time with a few temper tantrums, a couple of games of monopoly in which I can not confirm nor deny that I was taking money from the “banker” when she wasn’t looking.  This trip also resulted in a few late night trips to Krispy Kreme and allowed me to spend some quality time with my BFFL Megan.

Katie left for college, I had a four week long obsession with the “humpday” commercial phenomena, and we celebrated Gracie’s first birthday by having a watermelon theme party at the park with water ballons, tie dye t-shirt making, bubbles, and watermelon pops!  What watermelon theme birthday weekend would be complete, without a trip to the Watermelon Festival Parade!

We celebrated our two year anniversary by having dinner at The Little Dipper Durham and followed that with a short but awesome 2 day beach trip in which we took a historic horse drawn carriage ride tour.  We went to Southern Lee for my little brother’s first high school marching band performance, and I had eye surgery to have my lazy eye straightened.  The is also the month my Dexter addiction started and I watched the entire first season in a 48 hour time period.  I also refurbished a desk we had although I've yet to finish the blog post I started about it.  A friend sent me a beautiful plant while I was recovering from my surgery although I still have no clue what type of plant this was.  I don't do plants.  I can't seem to keep them alive.  In an effort to keep it alive I finally watered it and when I did, it died.  It's so pretty it deserves a spot on the year end highlight blog.

We went to the state fair, ate some cheese, got a bootleg Curious George monkey for playing the balloon popping games and had some deep fried oreos.  I continued my couponing/deal searching and posted pictures along the way on Facebook and sometimes blogged about it.  Me, Sam & Tim had our annual pumpkin carving contest, unfortunately I lost.  We also celebrated Boo Bear's aka Gabe's third birthday with a wheels theme at a bike park and he got his first bike!

Matt got me a subscription to the paper so I would get coupons delivered to me every Sunday.  Oh, wait, something else also awesome happened this month...what was it?  Oh, yeah, Love Muffin also proposed to me on 11/5/13! This was also the month that my beloved crock pot with the fancy digital timer died so I bought a new less technologically advanced one at a great discounted price of course, I got my hair cut in a new “style” which resulted in my wearing my hair straight 5 out of 7 days a week which made Love Muffin very happy, and I counted down the days until Thanksgiving so I could get out my tree and decorate for Christmas.  I also began wedding planning hardcore and even created a wedding planning notebook to assist me.

We celebrated our first Christmas in our new house, I became addicted to glittery Christmas items, Matt got his backpack blower that he has been drooling over for months, I continued couponing and wedding planning and went crazy over day after Christmas sales and bought even more ornaments...and my Starbucks addiction was in full overload with all the giftcards I received for being a good girl this year.

Well, that pretty much sums up 2013.  It was full of laughter, tears, tantrums, stress, happiness, family, friends and blessings.  I can't wait for 2014.  It's got a lot to live up to after this last year!