Sunday, September 16, 2012

Not So Extreme Couponing

I'm addicted to reality tv, we all know this.  But one of my favorite shows is Extreme Couponing.  I'm fascinated with how they do what they do...and the dedication behind it all.  They don't call it extreme for no reason.  These couponers do go above and beyond to get the best deals, find the best sales, and stock pile the most items.  The stock pile after all is the prized possession of every self proclaimed extreme couponer.
While I'm fascinated by it all, for the most part I'm more envious of their ability to be so successful at it.  I struggle as it is with everything I need to do in a given week already, I'm not sure I can find the extra time to research all the weekly sales on line, find the best coupons, make a list for each store, and in some cases dumpster dive to get numerous copies of the best coupons. 

However, what I can do is anxiously await the mail each week for the Red Plum circular coupons and the Proctor & Gamble monthly inserts that come in the mail as well.  I've heard there are even more coupons in the Sunday paper, but let's face it.  I don't read the paper.  I'm not even sure if I know where to even go to get one (sad I know but that's what technology and smart phones have done to myself and society as a whole).  Anyway, each time I get a new insert of coupons in the mail I'm like a kid at Christmas because I'm excited to pull out all the best coupons for the items I use the most.

Sadly, 99 percent of the couponing I do is for cleaning items, household items, and toiletries.  Most of the food item coupons that I get are for foods in which I do not eat.  However, it is the household/cleaning/toiletry items that tend to cost a bundle so the savings are still just as exciting.

Now that I'm in to this couponing deal, I now get also equally excited when Harris Teeter does their super doubles event.  They will double coupons of up to $2.00 face value.  They will only double 20 per person and you can not have more than 4 like coupons per the rules I read.  This month it was 8/12-8/18 (I think) and I sadly did not go until today 9/16.  In the words of Julia Roberts, "Big Mistake".  "Huge".  (come on, Pretty Woman?, did anyone get that?) Back to my point...

I very quickly learned today that you need to swoop in on day 1 of super double coupons to get the best deal and "free" items.  I know, common sense would tell you that, but I'm a busy woman and I just found out about the super doubles two days ago so cut me some slack.  Lesson definitely learned.

However, below is a recap of the exciting deals I did get today by going to Harris Teeter and getting my super double coupons deals, but by also going to Food Lion and checking out the prices on their sale items and matching those items to coupons I have in my ever growing wallet. 

Harris Teeter:
Buy 2 Boxes of Special K Cereal Bars (on sale 2 for $5 = $2.50 each) Save $1 on milk ($1 doubled = $2 off) 1/2 gallon skim milk = FREE!
$.50 cents off (doubled = $1 off) 1 Febreze Set & Refresh: Regular price $3.49, with Vic Card on sale for $2.99, - $1 off coupon = $1.99
$1 off  (doubled = $2 off) 1 Febreze Air Effects Room Spray: Regular price $3.39, with Vic Card on sale for $2.99 - $2 off = $.99 cents
$1 off (doubled = $2 off) 1 Febreze Carpet & Fabric Refresher Spray for Pets: Regular price $5.99, with Vic Card on sale for $4.99 - $2 off coupon = $2.99
$.75 cents off (doubled = $1.50 off) 1 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Detergent: Regular price $3.25, with $1.50 off coupon =  $1.75
$.50 cents off (doubled = $1 off) 1 Snuggle Fabric Softener: Regular price $3.99, with Vic Card on sale for $2.99 - $1 off coupon = $1.99
$1 off (doubled = $2 off) 1 Gain Fabric Softener: Regular price $5.99, with Vic Card on sale for $3.99 - $2 off coupon = $1.99
$1 off (doubled = $2 off) Cascade Action Plus Packs (1 bag = 32 packets): Regular price $7.99, with Vic Card on sale for $5.99 - $2 off = $3.99
$.50 cents off (doubled = $1 off) Brawney Paper Towels (not pictured): 6 pack regular price $11.99, with Vic Card on sale for $6.99 - $1.00 off = $4.99 (.84 cents per roll)

Food Lion:
Buy 1 5.5 oz Febreze Candle, get 1 3.5 oz free
5.5 oz @ Food Lion = $5.99
3.5 oz @ Food Lion = $3.49 = FREE
$1 off Febreze Car Air Freshener: Food Lion price = $2.99 - $1 off coupon = $1.99
$.50 cents of 1 Dawn Dish Detergent: Food Lion price = $1.39 - $.50 cent coupon = $.89 cents

Not as extreme as the people on TV but I did save quite a bit!  At Harris Teeter alone I spent $30 but saved $30.  At Food Lion I spent $8.87 but saved $4.99

An added bonus...although I did not have a coupon for this item...

My favorite pickles in the world were on sale for $2.99 at Food Lion.  Claussen Kosher Dill Halves.  They are mmm mmm good.

Even though I didn't have a coupon I still utilized my loyalty card savings to get a jar of deliciousness.  $2.99 may still seem expensive, but these suckers are usually $4 or more depending on which store you find them at. 

I'm no where near being an extreme couponer, and I don't even have a stock pile started.  The one I do have would make any couponer laugh with pitty.  But I'll get there.  At least Matt has enough of his favorite shampoo to last him for 6 months ha ha.  I can't wait for next weeks/months coupons! 

Anyone participate in the super double coupon event?  Does anyone even coupon?  If so do you have any tips?  What is the method to your madness?  I need major help if I'm going to get a stock pile started.

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