Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lip Injections...Seriously?

Today is of my favorite days of the week. I usually relax, catch up on my laundry, and more importantly spend some quality time with my DVR. 

Today I watched the last three weeks of CSI and CSI Miami and well a whole slew of reality tv shows because I  have a mild addiction to reality tv, but that is an entire blog in and of itself after all...

Anyway, after watching only one episode of CSI Miami I had to hit pause and come write a blog...I literally couldn't stand it anymore.

What is the deal with the constant obsession in Hollywood with lip injections?

Maybe before I had HD television I wasn't so bothered by this phenomena but Sweet Baby Jesus I can't even watch Emily Procter anymore. Well I can. She's still beautiful...but I can't stop staring at her lips. I can't concentrate on what she's saying on the show because I'm thinking about how it looks like someone just punched her in the mouth. I haven't even finished watching the last episode because well...I just am so distracted.

See the before photo and the after photo.  While I understand pregnancy causes swelling, well last I heard it doesn't make your lips blow can't even see it that well...try seeing it up close in'll understand.

This reminded me of why I stopped watching Army Wives. Kim Delaney left season 2 looking half way normal and then once season three started she had the "I just got punched in the mouth" look as well and her new mouth was so distracting I couldn't pay attention when I watched that show either...maybe I'm just weird though  Or maybe HD is ruining my television watching experience.

 *It's just a coincidence that both of these ladies were on CSI:Miami - I think?  Maybe?  Yes, most definitely.

I just dont understand the need for it. I'm all for some cosmectic plastic surgery if

A. you can afford it
B. you need it
C. it is really going to make you feel better about yourself

But Sweet Baby Jesus all wrapped up in His manger I just can't take it anymore!  I don't want to have to stop watching another show yet again because of unnecessary, highly distracting and (I hate to say it, kind of gross) lip injections.

Sorry Emily Procter and Kim Delaney, but after the whole Lisa Rinna fiasco I'm surprised you had the ballz to do it, just sayin'.

 Does this bother anyone else or am I really just that weird?  Yeah, you're probably right, it's just me.  I'm crazy...I know.  But seriously.  I loved me some CSI Miami and now...well I just can't take it.  I want to run up to her and scream Why?! Why?! For the love of God, Why?!

Now on to some randomness:

I'm in love with One Republic's new song "Secrets".  Well ok so it's not so new anymore because the radio is playing it out.  But still.  I love it.  I've included the video because I've listened to this song twice in the amount of time it took me to write this blog and I could listen to it fifteen more times and not care.


  1. I love that you have started a blog and I noticed Emily Proctors lips looking weird last season on CSI Miami and it was bugging me too.

  2. Yay! Please continue to read when you get a chance. I'm kind of excited to be starting all over again.

  3. This is pretty. How in the fuckity fuck did you do it? I get lots of praise for my blog, but I have to take it off myspace. The fact that it's on myspace is soooo lame... I love you!

  4. OK so I am anxiously awaiting a new post. I know you have more to say.......

  5. I didn't know she was pregnant! SHe really is so beautiful and shouldn't frig up her face that way, or her lips! Ugh! That's annoying. We stopped watching Miami this season because we got screwed up w/our DVR and missed it, so I'll have to catch up eventually. Oh, and Kim Delaney must have been on Miami before I started watching, but I do remember her w/Horatio on NYPD:Blue. How I miss that show!

  6. Yeah, Kim Delaney was only on the first few episodes of the first season. The only reason I know this is because I have the first season on DVD...cause I'm lame like that! ha ha

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