Monday, April 22, 2013

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Everyone has been so kind to say they enjoyed my feature story on the WRAL Smart Shopper blog last week.  I truly enjoyed by five milliseconds of localized fame and sadly still have received no offers on my own reality tv show.  Maybe one day.  I'm not loosing hope.

Moving on...

Over the last week as people have read the post a reoccurring comment has emerged...other than "wow, Jessica sure is awesome", which is a given of course, was the frequent comment on how I am a good writer and my writing sounds exactly how I speak and I could have a following, etc etc.

A following.  That's something to marinate on for a minute.  If you will notice, I currently only have three subscribed readers.  To my knowledge I don't have any followers via email.  If you read all the "how to become an awesome blogger blogs" out there it gives you all these rules to follow to get more readers and to grow your blog.  There are even tips and advice on how to make money off your blog.  All those rules are just overwhelming and quite honestly annoying.  While I love to blog, and I really do think that people enjoy reading what I have to say, following all these "rules" in order to gain readers just seems utterly exhausting and like, I don't know, maybe, um, WORK. 

I want this to be my outlet from life and from work.  I want this to space to be a place where people come to enjoy a laugh and share their feedback and experiences on what I'm going through.  A place to find common ground and friendship with people you may have not ever have had a chance to meet.

I don't want this to become a job.  I want this to be fun.  I want this to be my outlet where I can talk, whine, rant and rave about whatever I see fit.  I may talk about double couponing in one post, my weight loss journey and a new recipe I came up with in another post, and then five minutes later post a rant about a topic that I'm particularly heated about for that second.  That's the fun part about me.  You never know what you will get.

Maybe that won't get me a million readers.  I'm ok with that.  But I'd like to think that if you post it they will come...

Field of Dreams anyone?  No one got that?   Seriously?

So I will continue to post my random blogs about random topics and maybe one day people will subscribe.  Maybe one day.

Until next time...

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