Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ibotta - I sure did!

Ok so as promised in my last post, today I am going to share my new coupon addiction - Ibotta!

Long story short it's an app you can download on your phone and they will send you certain items/deals that you can earn money back on if you purchase. 

Here's a shot of what it would look on your phone if you had the app open.  As you can see they give you offers for a few products and you earn money back on your purchase of said items if you follow the prompts for the deal.

For example, as shown below, if you buy Simply Orange Juice you click on that item and it may ask you to take a survey (which is only 1-2 questions) and they will give you .25 cents.  Then they may have a link for you to watch a quick 30 second commerical for the item, and if you watch that they will give you another .25 cents.  Then the third task could be to share on Facebook that you recently purchased this item and earned money back for it (Ibotta basically posts on your behalf) and you get an additional .25 cents off the item.

To get your rebates all you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and upload it through the app on your smart phone.  Within 24 hours they will acknowledge your purchase and deposit the money in to your Ibotta account.  By the way you have to purchase the items from participating retailers.  Don't worry though because I have yet to find a grocery store or retailer that I normally purchase items such as these at that was not on their retailer database.

Once they deposit the money in to your account you have the option of cashing out (they can send the money you earned to your Paypal account) or you can donate the money to the United Way or to a local school.

It's really pretty neat if you ask me.  Most of these items you would probably normally buy anyway.  It gets even more exciting if you have a manufacturers or store coupon  to use at the time of purchase as well to increase your savings. 

As you take advantage of the offers then will automatically add new product offers for you and there is no limit on the number of offers you can take advantage of.  The more you buy the more offers you will be sent meaning the more rebates ($) you can make!

Also, since I don't have a lot of time, I can endorse the fact that the .25 cent prompts such as the surveys, commercial watching, or Facebook posting takes no time at all so it's really easy.  I've been using the app for a week and I already have $4.75 in my account.  Once I have a balance of $5 I can request that they transfer the money to my Paypal account and then I can spend that money any way I want! 

(That means I will spend it online shopping for items for the new house most likely)

Anyway, it's a great app if you have a smartphone and you already like to coupon.  Even if you don't coupon at all, they GIVE you money to buy products you may already buy already anyway.  It's a win-win!

I will be purchasing a couple more items this weekend when I do my Super Doubles Coupon Event shopping at our local Lowes Foods. 

That's all for today.  I will probably very eagerly and excitedly post about my super double coupon shopping trip tomorrow and then couple that with a few other random tidbits of information as well.

Stay tuned and check out Ibotta if you haven't already!

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