Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week In Review

So much to blog about such little time...

Let's see, to wrap up this week:

1. I gained 1 pound - not surprising since it was my birthday last weekend, and then I traveled a couple of days for work so that usually hits the diet hard and naturally quite a few treats I don't normally have resulted in this weeks results....there's always next week!  When I tracked my weight for this week I was anticipating an animated "hey fatty put the Cheetos down and get your butt in gear" drill sergeant to pop up in my iPhone screen however instead it gave me a mini pep talk which was nice and I was much more appreciative of.

2. I made a homemade fresh mushroom, spinach and skim milk mozzarella cheese omelet for breakfast today.  Not the easiest task for impatient people like me...but it turned out to be delicious.  The WW point value was higher than I would have liked it to be but that's because I used whole eggs.  I need to use egg whites only going forward...but I'm making progress.

3.  I received notification from my loan officer that my loan was approved for the house so we close on 1/30/13!  Whohooo!  

4. My love muffin and I ventured to Home Depot yesterday to get paint for a couple of the bedrooms at the new house.  Color choices included Behr - Cozy Cottage and Refreshing Pool.  

5. I joined a new coupon addicting cult - ok I lied, it's not a cult.  But I did join Ibotta which is pretty cool, and is another means to my coupon addiction.  You might have noticed a couple of status message updates in the Facebook news feed regarding purchases.  I'm very excited to share all about it but I'll have to post a separate entry all about that so stay tuned.

6. I got a few great deals between Target and Harris Teeter coupon shopping this weekend.

 Pictured above are my Harris Teeter trip items.  

Skintimate Shaving Cream: 3.39 - .89 cent VIC special - $1.50 off coupon = $1.00 (great deal)
Sunkist Chunk Light tuna pouches: 1.65 - .40 cent VIC special - .55 (x2) cents off 2 = .70 cents each
Dole Sliced Strawberries & Whole Blueberries: 2.69 on sale 2/$4 - (2) $1.00 off 1 coupons = $1.00 each
Yoplait Greek Yogurt: 1.34 on sale 3/$4 - .40 cents (x2) off 2 =  .93 cents each
Silk PureAlmond Milk: 3.45 on sale for 2.89 - 1.00 off 1 coupon = $1.89
Simply Lemonade (ibotta deals)*: 2.65 - .75 cents ibotta rebate = $1.90
Simply Orange (ibotta deals)*: 3.89 on sale 2/$6, I purchased 1 @ $3.00 - .75 cents ibotta rebate = $2.25
Crest Toothpaste: 2.89 on sale for 1.99 - $1.00 off coupon = .99 cents
Sparkle Paper Towels (6 roll count): 9.99 on VIC special for $7.99 - $3.22 eVIC** coupon = $4.77
Purex Detergent (not pictured): 6.99 on VIC special for $5.99 - $1.00 off 1 = $4.99 

*ibotta info available on my next post
**eVIC (for those that don't know about it) info available on my next post

I bought a whole bunch of other weekly grocery items this trip however I spent $76.77 and saved $52.28 (not too bad!)  I usually aim to spend less than saved but I can't always do that every time.

Then today I made my weekly trip to Target.  I got a few decent deals there and have noticed lately that they have better prices on some of the things I like.  They even beat Kroger and Food Lion's pricing.  A good example would be the large bag of Blue Diamond All Natural Almonds.  They are about $7 every where else but at Target they are $5.79 every day (or $5.89, can't remember exactly).  So couple that with a coupon and you've got a pretty good deal even though Target does not double coupons.

 Pictured above are my Target items.

Honey Bunches of Oats NEW Greek Honey Crunch cereal: $2.75 (every day price) - $1.00 off 1 coupon = $1.75 each
NEW Splenda Nectresse all natural sweetener: $3.49 - $1.50 off 1 coupon = $1.99 (also the cheapest I have found this new Splenda item around town)
Crystal Light Energy On The Go: $2.04 - $1.00 ibotta rebate = $1.04
Finish Gel Packs (20 ct) Dish washing Detergent: $3.99 - $2.15 off coupon = $1.84 (Great Deal!)
Kardashian Kollection Nicole by OPI Nail Polish Pack: Regular price: $12.97 but was on clearance for $3.00 that is $1.50 each and this stuff is normally $7-8 a bottle.  Whohooo! 

That's all for my great deals this week.  Even without super doubles I still manage to rack up some great deals. 

And for some last minute randomness...

My Mom and I celebrated our birthdays last Sunday at The Cheesecake Factory.  Our waiter guessed it was my 25th and her 40th...kudos Waiter Guy for making sure you earned a little extra tip from our table :)

Anyway, I did not know this but they write your name on your plate in chocolate sauce for your birthday.  How cute is this?  Who knew?  In case you are wondering the cheesecake flavors shown below are the Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake and the Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake (my favorite).  I'm guessing you are understanding that 1 pound weight gain this week now aren't you?)

So case you didn't know this, consider yourself enlightened.  And if you did already know this then humor me and make me think I just shared something life changing and profound with you. 

I'm done now...for real this time.

Stay tuned for my Ibotta post.  It's a really cool app if you ask me. 

Until next week....

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