Saturday, November 3, 2012

Double Couponing & Other Stuff

Today I spent my Saturday deal shopping at Kroger and Harris Teeter.  Harris Teeter is offering double coupons at the moment.  FYI they will double up to 20 coupons per household per day.  They will double coupons up to $2.00 face value.  Meaning if you have a $2.00 off coupon they will double and give you $4.00 off.  If you have a $3.00 off coupon on an item they will NOT double it.  The double coupons ends Tuesday I believe.  Although it started on Wendesday there were still actually a few good items left I could use my coupons on. 

I then left Harris Teeter and went  over to Kroger to use some coupons on a few other items because I knew they always have the best deal on a few items I use.   Pictured below is everything I got today...much more impressive than last time!

Harris Teeter:
Purex Detergent: Regular price 10.79, on sale for $8.99 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $6.99
Soft Scrub Spray: Regular price $2.65, not on sale - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $.65
Soft Scrub Gel: Regular price $3.95, not on sale - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $1.95
Febreeze Set & Refresh: Regular price $3.75, on sale for $2.99 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = .99 cents
Cascade Dish Detergent Packs: Regular price $5.45, on sale for $4.99 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $2.99
Airwick Mini Candle: Regular price $3.75, not on sale, - $1.00 off (x2) = $1.75
Nivea Men's Bodywash: Regular price $5.79, on sale for $4.39 - $1.00 off (x2) = $2.39
Nivea Women's Bodywash: Regular price $5.99 on sale for $4.79 - $1.00 off (x2) = $2.79
Kotex Tampons (2 boxes): Regular price $3.79, on sale for $2.99 - $1.00 off (x2) = .99 cents
(I bought two boxes because I had two identical coupons)
Tampax Pearl Tampons: Regular price $5.29, on sale for $4.49 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $2.49
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons: Regular price $5.29, on sale for $3.99 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $1.99 (bought two boxes!)
Scope Mouthwash: Regular price $4.99, on sale for $3.99 - $1.50 off coupon (x2) = .99 cents
Secret Outlast Deodorant: Regular price $4.99, on sale for $3.99 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $1.99
Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel: Regular price $4.99, on sale for $3.99 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $1.99
Fusion ProGlide Razor: Regular price $12.75, on sale for $8.99 - $4.00 off coupon = $4.99
Simply Venus Gillette Disposable Razors (4 pk): Regular price $7.69, on sale for $6.69 - $2.00 off coupon (x2) = $2.69
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste: Regular price $3.59, on sale for $2.97 - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = .97 cents
12 pk Diet Dr Pepper: Regular price $6.39, on sale 3 for $11 (I only bought one = $3.67) - $1.00 off coupon (x2) = $1.67!!! (Great deal wish I had multiples of that one!)
Dawn Dish Soap: Regular price 1.59, on sale for .99 cents - .50 cents off coupon (x2) = FREE
Palmolive Dish Soap: Regular price 3.39, on sale for $1.99 - .50 cents off coupon (x2) = .99 cents

Total: $122.59 - $23.42 in VIC sales - $47.00 in doubled coupons = $54.85 Spent
savings of $67.74!

I'm such a dork I was overly excited about this trip.  Also I got some great coupon organizing tips from some of the ladies I ran in to in the store. 

Lesson for today:  I'm still an amateur at this and apparently I'm not organized enough but I'm learning :-)

After my high off of the savings at Harris Teeter I then went over to Kroger to see if I could find any good deals there.  I usually always have great luck their with their already low prices, sales prices, and coupons too.

Kroger's Deals for Today:

Covergirl Simply Powder Foundation Makeup: Regular price $6.79 (yes you read that right, that is the REGULAR price all day every day!) - $1.00 off coupon = $5.79 that's the best deal ever!  I also have a $3.00 off two Covergirl products coupon that I will use next week or the week after.  Like I said this is the price every day so I didn't feel like I had to stock up.

Glad ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Bags with Febreeze scent: (I'm a total trash bag snob, this is the only brand I will buy because they NEVER break or tear) Regular price $7.99, on sale for $6.99 - $1.00 off coupon = $5.99 (that's a pretty good price for a box of 40 bags)

Herbal Essence Hair Gel: Regular price $3.09 each, on sale 2 for $5, I bought two and had a $1.00 off purchase of two Herbal Essence or Aussie Hair Product coupon = $4.00 ($2 each) = Great price!

Suave Shampoo & Conditioner : $4.08 for both - $1.00 off purchase of two Suave products = $3.08 ($1.54 each) = pretty good price, you can sometimes do better if you wait for a sale at Target but still the savings are around the same regardless.  I used to be a snob and never use Suave because I thought it was cheap and would be horrible for my hair however I recently started using it due to such great coupon deals I kept finding on it and WOW it is pretty awesome believe it or not. 

After all that shopping, I'm exhausted but saving all that money was sooo worth it.  :)

May end up needing to turn our fourth bedroom in to my stockpile room one day.  Not any time soon though.  For now it all fits nicely on a shelf in the linen closet in the hallway ha ha. 

 On another note:

I know my blogs are long but only two people actually read them anyway so...

Last week we tried a new Pinterest recipe.  I thought oh man that sounds good but was worried about what the results might be but man it was delicious!

White Chicken Chilli:
1 can of Rotel diced tomatoes & green chillies
1 8oz box of Fat Free Cream Cheese
1 packet of Ranch Mix
I can of black beans (drained & rinsed)
1 can of sweet yellow corn
2 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts

Season as desired.  The recipe called for onion powder and cummin and something else I didn't have so I improvised with Creole seasoning, minced onion, black pepper, and red pepper

Cook on low for 6-8 hours in a crock pot stiring halfway through if you can.  I didn't because it cooked all day while I was at work.  Also, the chicken should easily break apart but if not just use a knife and fork and shred the chicken before serving.

You can serve over rice or eat by itself.  We ate it by itself with a side of tortilla chips.  I forgot to take an after picture because I was so distracted by how delicious it was.

So easy, cheap, and delicious!

And lastly, our newest family member

1 year old male Chihuahua


That's all for today...

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  1. And yes I realize I have enough tampons to last me until menopause but they were such a great deal!