Sunday, June 9, 2013

Iron Chef Here I Come...

So as you saw from my Facebook/Instagram photo upload, I made a delicious breakfast this morning and followed that by thirty minutes of exercise and then by having a healthy nutritious snack.  I really do so much better on the weekends than I do during the week.  The other day it was 11:45am before I realized I forgot to eat breakfast.  Then by the time I got to lunch I was starving so naturally ate more than I should have. 

Anyway, notice the presentation of the orange.  I mean I should get extra awesome points for that. 

With that being said this weeks weight loss was 2 lbs

Let's hope I keep that up this week and have another week of loss rather than gain....

Anyway, recipe is below if your interested.  

I'm sure you are fully well aware of how to make an omelete so rather than a recipe, this is just my ingredients list...

1/2 cup of egg whites
1/4 cup of fresh chopped baby spinach
1/2 slice of turkey lunch meat (you can also make it without or substitute mushrooms for meat instead)
a small amount of cheese of your preference (I used sharp cheddar)
Garlic Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

Moving on....

What is so exciting about this breakfast is that for the first time in my life I was able to flip the omelet over without the use of a spatula.  No for real.  I mean like Emeril style lifting the pan up off the eye of the stove and with the flick of a wrist flip that thing over so it got brown on the other side.  Sadly no one was in the kitchen to witness this feat.  I was so proud of myself.  I had to tell someone.  So I told Bear and Princess.  They didn't care.  They just wanted me to drop some food on the floor so they could indulge themselves in to what the humans were eating, which is why they follow me around whenever I'm in the kitchen.  Since no one saw this I thought they probably wouldn't believe it.  When Matt finally woke up I told him.  He didn't seem too impressed either.  So, I thought I should blog about it.  That way it's at least documented somewhere that for one day at least I was able to make an omelet like a normal person.

Am I the only one that gets really excited over things like this? 

I'm a dork.  I know.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next post:

Random Things About Me You May Not Know

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