Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Cheer For All To Hear

So as a continuation from my last post...

Today I got another surprise in the mail from my Mom.  My Mom is awesome by the way.  

Thursday I received a box of Appalachian State glass tree ornaments that I loved!  I'm sure you saw my status message on Facebook the other night.  But if not let me share them again...

They are so cute.  Just the extra touch the tree needed....until....

Today when I was surprised again when I got a special delivery from Whoville...or from my Mom I mean...of four Hallmark Grinch ornaments. 

Since she reads my blogs she picked up on the Grinch obsession and sadly I actually did not already have any Grinch ornaments so this was really exciting! Look how cute they look on the tree. 

Wait, what's that I hear?  Oh, you don't care about my Grinch ornaments.  I'm sorry.  I am so excited I thought everyone I know would want to see them, read about them, and quite possibly would even be a little bit jealous of them.  No?  Ok then moving on.

Also, in my last post I forgot to mention that this years stocking display has graduated from the bookcase to the lighted china cabinet that I use for photo storage.  

Why do I use the china cabinet for photo displays?  I know that's what you are probably thinking.  Let me put it to you this way...any "china" I have came from the Dollar Tree or maybe even the clearance end cap from Target so I'm not sure it deserves to reside in a cabinet that is geared toward expensive dishware that it will never be.  It's not that uncommon actually.  This whole time I thought I was unique and special.  Yeah not so much.  Just search on Pinterest or Google and you'll see I'm definitely not a trend setter. As another side note the cabinets on the bottom are actually where my blurays and DVDs live since this cabinet is in the living room.  It's like a jack of all trades kind of cabinet. 


What do you think?  Not too bad considering I don't have a fire place or mantle to display them.  Are the bows too much?  Do they look dumb?  Never mind.  Don't answer that.  I don't plan to remove them until Valentine's Day anyway so deal with it.  

Merry Christmas everyone.  From our house to yours.

Ok that's enough for now.  Please excuse me while I go watch Elf for the 5,677th time.  

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